Five Types of Nonprofit Tweets Guaranteed to Get Retweeted

The following article is condensed from a recent article from Nonprofit Tech 2.0.  It’s fundamental point is this: you need to stop thinking of Twitter as merely a medium in which you market your products or services.  Think of it instead as a tool to market your brand. To do this, it is essential that you get retweeted often.

There is a time and place for marketing pitches on Twitter. Unfortunately, many nonprofits tend to think that is multiple times daily (some even every hour on the hour), but that only results in lot of  Twitter clutter and in most cases a colossal waste of time for your nonprofit. 

Getting retweeted is important to grow your community. Being retweeted means your content is forwarded to tweeters outside of your small corner of the Twitterverse

What kinds of tweets work best to encourage retweets? 

  1. Powerful stats that speak to your mission and programs.
  2. Quotes that inspire social good.
  3. Well-formatted, easy to read factual tweets.
  4. Position statements spoken with clarity and conviction.
  5. Tweets that tap into the #BreakingNews cycle.

Read the entire article on Nonprofit Tech 2.0, Social Media Guide for Nonprofits