Using Tweetdeck to manage Twitter

There are many tools social media managers should have and Tweetdeck is one of them. It is an app that simplifies managing social media for your organisation. Tweetdeck allows you to manage multiple accounts on one page and even has a scheduling feature which means you can plan your tweets in advance. It is available as a download or as an extension of Google Chrome.

Go to to download the app or use it in your browser.

Once you open Tweetdeck, create an account.

Sign up for the Tweetdeck account and you are ready to get started! 


Next, add your Twitter accounts.

You will be redirected to a Twitter authentication page where you will be required to enter the Twitter account details and authorise the application. 

The app will redirect to Tweetdeck. 

How to Schedule a Tweet 

Click on the “new tweet icon” on the top left of the page. 


In the tweet window enter your tweet and schedule the date and time you want. Then click on

Scheduled tweets go to the last column in Tweetdeck 

From here, you can edit or delete the tweet.


Adding another Account

Click on the settings icon. 


Click on settings in the options.

This window will appear. Click on “accounts” .

Click on "add Twitter account".

You will go back to the authentication page and enter the account’s details

 That's it! You now have multiple accounts in your Tweetdeck and you know how to schedule posts!