Here are ten reasons your nonprofit would benefit from a Twitter account:

Expose yourself with tweets

People browse through Twitter accounts looking at who people are following and who they may like to follow. The more followers a nonprofit has on Twitter, the more people there are who will potentially engage, respond or retweet your work, immediately exposing your organisation to many more people with minimal cost and effort.  Some of these followers may ultimately offer support for your cause in a very practical way by supporting events, volunteering and maybe even becoming a donor. Tweet news, information and stats.

Twitter allows you to share

With a Twitter account you can share your cause, your mission, your stories, your enthusiasm and passion with others, both those to whom you direct your words, but also to anyone else who may be interested in or moved by the work that you do. You can invite your followers to subscribe to your e-newsletters, thereby encouraging people to become involved with your nonprofit.

Listen to tweets

Twitter allows you to hear what others are saying and gauge public perception about your issues. You can follow related organisations, and also search for keywords and hashtags related to your work. Listening will also enable you to determine areas and issues of interest to your constituents. Even if you are not comfortable sending out tweets, Twitter is an exceptionally useful tool as a listening device. 

Build relationships

Focus on following nonprofits because people in this field are your natural allies and you will be able to build relationships with like-minded people. People who use social media tend to be great at sharing and you may learn a great deal from those who have tried things differently, made mistakes and found success in the field.

Increase traffic on your website

Twitter provides a great way to drive traffic to your website where people can learn about what you do, who you are, how you make a difference, events you are holding and how others can assist your cause. Remember that Twitter is too concise to conduct indepth discussions, but you can respond to people and lead them to your website so they can read more the issue you are discussing. 

Conduct a poll allows all Twitter account holders to conduct a poll which is a really good way of assessing public reaction to ideas that you may have, events you are considering, in fact, anything about which you would like to test the waters before jumping in.

Conduct a campaign

Twitter allows nonprofits to conduct a very different kind of campaign, a call to action, a request to sign a petition or gaining support for a crisis in your field. The electronic media opens the door to innovative ways of raising awareness campaigns, responses to crises or even fundraising. You can carry out highly effective campaigns without knocking on doors, standing on street corners or physically reaching out to people. This vastly increases the potential for success in our campaign.

Find volunteers

Should you need volunteers to assist you in any way, whether it be to assist with your work or to shake a can in a mall, a tweet can result in an immense response to your call and provide the volunteers you need.

Issue invitations

Holding an event, a fun run, a book sale?  Increase attendance by letting everyone know via your Twitter account. Direct them to your website where you can display more detailed information. 

Determine popularity

Twitter allows you to bookmark your tweets that received a lot of traffic. This is an excellent way of discovering what is important to people, what they want to hear about from your organisation and what has meaning for them. This knowledge can become an important strategic tool in managing your nonprofit.