How to get more mileage from your media

Where do you find content to tweet about or post on Facebook? Does your organisation generate enough content to keep your social media alive and active? 


First, remember that you should not only be sharing content that you produce, but rather content that your followers would find interesting. Share articles, reports or graphics that you find online or that other nonprofits are posting. Think of yourself as a curator or interesting content.

At the same time, your nonprofits probably produces opinion pieces, media statements and reports. You may also have blog posts – and if you don’t, read our article on 5 reasons you should have a blog! All of these are great source material for your social media, and likely part of your mission is to reach a wide audience with this material. Here are some tips to integrate this content into your social media work:

Don’t just tweet the headlines.

Typically, the headline of the oped or media statement isn’t catchy or descriptive enough to encourage people to click. You can tweet about your article several times in the day, just don’t use the same tweet repeatedly.  Instead, read through the article and determine 4 or 5 good, quotable lines or stats. Tweet these with a link back to your article.

Shorten your URLs

Use or or one of the many other URL shorteners to make sure the link doesn't use up too much of your valuable 140 characters. 

Track your stats

Create an account with the URL shortener service and it will allow you to track how many people clicked on your links. Use these stats to understand which links your users clicked on eg. if you have 5 different tweets from the article, use 5 different URLs from your URL shorteners, and these will help you find out which tweet scored the most clicks. This will help you understand what kinds of tweets your users respond to.

Be creative with your tweet

Remember that your tweet is your ‘sensationalist headline’ – it does not have to convey all the information or all the subtleties of what you’re trying to say. It is merely a way to encourage people to click and read the full article.

Use your networks

Identify other people or NGOs who would be interested in your article. @mention them in the tweet. This will encourage them to read the article and, if it is of interest, they will retweet it.