10 quick tips on writing for the web

Let’s take a look at 10 vital points when it comes to writing web content for your nonprofit


Be the reader

Always ask yourself, does my reader truly need to know this bit of information?  Only provide the essential bits and pieces in order to keep their attention.

Speak in a common language

Always use words that are simple and universally understood.  You are not here to impress people with your vocabulary.

Use headlines

Headlines will help break the monotony of your text and also enable you to organise your thoughts in a logical manner.

Provide relevant facts and figures

Facts and figures are easy for the reader to digest and also give them something to remember and talk about.

Bold and italicise important words and points

This will show the reader what the important parts of your message are and again, will allow them to remember the facts you want them to remember.

Use SEO friendly words

It has never been more important to use SEO (Search Engine Optimised).  It’s vital to increase your searching ranking and the only way to do so is by using the keywords relevant to your organisation.

Keep it fresh

If visitors keep on returning to the same content, they will be quick to stop returning.  It is important to update your content as much as possible.

Spell check and spell check again

Nothing is more unprofessional than spelling and grammatical errors in your written content.

Incorporate meaningful links

Like headlines, links will break up the monotony of your text as well as allow your reader to access more information quickly and easily.

Use catchy headlines and titles

The first line your reader will see needs to be clever, eye-catching and original in order to gain their attention straight away.