Finding your voice

Perhaps the easiest way to find your voice is to make sure your content is engaging. In terms of an NPO website, involve your readers, encourage them to do more and help them connect with the organization. Remember, people give to people, not to organisations or websites.


The best web pages have an efficient, informative, but approachable tone. Blogs, for example should be somewhat informal and conversational, and invite responses. Yet they still have to be professional and grammatically correct. How, you may you ask, do you make your writing engaging?

  • Write with passion
  • Tell client stories
  • Relate real experiences
  • Remember the human touch

So, write more about the people your organization touches, and less about the organisation itself. This is the kind of writing that works well on the web.

On the web, 79% of users only scan the page, whereas 16% read word by word. Indeed one study showed that on an average webpage, users read at most only 28% of the text.