10 Reasons for your Nonprofit should use Instagram

Instagram is a social networking program that lets you use powerful images from your nonprofit to share your work with followers. Instagram is a free application that can be accessed via mobile phones and tablets.

When you follow other Instagram users, their shared photos will appear in your photo stream. Users can interact with each other on Instagram by clicking “like” and leaving comments under photos very similar to Facebook. Instagram is becoming immensely popular amongst individuals and organisations alike. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram. It is therefore very easy easier for Instagram users to link and share photos from Instagram to Facebook.


  • Launch date - October 2010
  • Average daily users – 7.3 million
  • Active monthly users – 130 million
  • Average no of photos posted daily - 40 million
  • Total no of photos shared – 16 billion
  • Average no of photos per user – 40
  • South Africa is still a very minor user of Instagram 

Why it is invaluable for your nonprofit to use Instagram:

The future support base

Instagram is dominated by young adults from the ages of 18-29 who will determine the future of all nonprofits. If young people can be persuaded to care about the causes supported by nonprofits, they are more likely to continue to be supporters later on. 

Share in an instant

Instagram is a fast and fun way to connect and share your cause with friends, family and the general public. Instagram has optimised the uploading of photographs for a fast and efficient upload. The network records an average of 8500 likes per second. Instagram offers excellent filters that can transform the most amateur photographs into professional-looking pictures. This is especially helpful if you are asking people that you are assisting, and who are not experienced photographers, to take pictures to promote the cause. Photos on Instagram are confined to a simple, square shape, regardless of the camera used.

Safe storage of photographs

Instagram saves all your photographs on your own camera roll which you can synchronise with your computer, allowing you to download and print photographs.

Move to moving pictures

The latest development at Instagram is that users can upload video using the special video feature. A similar system of filters is provided which automatically stabilises videos resulting in easy, professional-looking video production using only an iPhone or Android phone. Videos can tell a story far more effectively than standalone photographs or pictures.

Show impact

Supporters and donors lose their enthusiasm for a nonprofit when they do not receive feedback on the impact their contributions, be it in cash or kind. Photographs and videos enable you to show everyone who has made any contribution at all the difference that their contribution has made. Thank supporters for the impact that they have made.

Teach the world

Use a 15-second video on Instagram to teach the world a lesson that your nonprofit has learned. Make it amusing and fun and not too didactic and people will enjoy learning from you and will learn about your nonprofit. For example, make a video on the ten worst things that people can donate for disaster relief.

Transmit testimonials

Ask people who can vouch for your organization or your work to record their support on a 15 second video and share the videos on Instagram so that the message about your nonprofit is heard by many. It is far easier and more fun for people to watch and listen to a testimonial than to read one.

Beat the attention deficit

Develop short form videos of 15 seconds in which you show your core message before a person’s attention wanders. Share a single dramatic photograph that says it all for your nonprofit in the moment one takes to look at the photograph.

Connect to the global community

Develop an international voice, attract attention and engage with possible supporters throughout a country and across the globe. 

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