11 Obvious Signs Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media Training

Simply put, social media is time consuming and if you aren’t doing it right, you’re wasting your time.  NonProfit Tech 2.0 lists 11 obvious signs your NPO needs social media training.  If you recognise yourself more than a couple of times, you might want to consider it too.

1) Your avatar is cropped, shrunk, blurry, or too small to make an impact.

2) You are rarely retweeted on Twitter.

3) Your YouTube Channel is absent of customization and branding.

4) You have not claimed your LinkedIn Company Page.

5) You are ignoring Google+.

6) You upload multiple photos to Pinterest – one after another – on a regular basis.

7) Your Facebook Page only has one admin.

8) Your blog is missing social networking icons, an e-newsletter subscribe option, and a “Donate Now” button.

9) Your e-newsletter design does not include social networking icons and a “Donate Now” button.

10) Your Flickr stream has hundreds of photos named “.jpeg.”

11) You’ve not yet viewed your nonprofit’s website, e-newsletter, blog, or social networking profiles on a tablet and a smartphone.

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