Fundraising using Social Media - does it work?

When asked what made people donate money, 50% responded, "Because a friend asked me". Did you know that using social media as part of your fundraising campaign has been proven to increase fundraising results by an average of 40%? 

Take a look at this infographic from Blackbaud, showing some stats from the US. It looks at what made the top 5 campaigns successful and is worth a read.In a nutshell, the 2 key points are:
  • Encourage personal storytelling in your campaigns. Let supporters know that their personal story is what counts – they’re already naturals at sharing themselves!
  • Make it easy for your supporters to share how they’re helping you, not just what you’re doing. Like I said, they’re already naturals at sharing themselves, and besides why it’s personal, what they most want to share is what they’ve done to help you.