Using Facebook Events

Looking for a simple way to let your followers know about your next event? Have you considered using Facebook events? It saves money and time and it allows you to keep track of who will or won’t be attending. 

Getting Started

1.     On your Facebook page click on  

2.     You will be taken to the events page , click on “create event”

3.     The “create event” window will appear and here you will be required to enter the details of your event.

4.     See the event window we have created below


Click on  and your event will be live for your followers.

Improving Your Facebook Events

On top of publishing Facebook events, find ways to get your followers excited about the upcoming event. Some ideas

  • A countdown to the event
  • Teasers about the Event like pictures of the venue, profiles on your speakers.
  • Creating an inside Facebook group where you and other organisers can give updates on the status of the planning process.
  • Real time updates help people keep track with you. If your speaker says something insightful quote it, if someone asks a good question put it up as an update.
  • A post event update is a great way to improve the event, it is useful to those who weren’t able to attend and it is a way of consolidating everything that took place for people.