Setting up a Facebook Fan Page: How to do it

 Facebook is a great place to start engaging with your fans, and the fan page option is perfect for staying in touch with donors, volunteers and fans. It’s very easy to get started with this step by step guide to setting up your own Facebook fan page.
  1.  Go to
  2. Choose the type of page

  • If you are logged into your personal account, the page will be linked to it-and if you do not have a Facebook account you will have to set one up.

3. Select your Category: Company, Organization or Institution

  • Select the category of Non-profit Organization and enter the name of your organization and tick to accept the Facebook terms.

Click on Get Started

4. You will be taken to a page that shows the process to complete setting up your fan page. Here, you will also fill in the profile information. This is what your potential fans will see, so this information is very important.

  • About description: in this section provide a brief description about your organization and what it does. Make sure it gives the perfect image of your objectives and work. Also include the website, blog, Youtube channel and Twitter information.

Below the website address you will be asked if your organisation is real. If you answer yes, another question will appear. Answer them accordingly to continue.

  • Profile picture: Your profile picture should be your organization logo and preferably high definition. You will be given the option to select an image from your computer.

  • Facebook web address: Next, you will be required to decide your facebook web address which is your unique Facebook url. Decide on an ending that’s the same or similar to your organisation name.

  • Reach More People: Here, you have the option to raise more awareness. You will have to pay for this option.

5. Admin Panel

The next page is the admin panel, where you will have more things to set up, including your cover photo. This allows you to make your organization page visually appealing. The dimensions of the cover photo are 815 x 315. It would be best to use the cover photo as a ‘soft sell’ so a well-designed engaging banner or a captivating photograph from one of your events would work very well for this.

The admin panel will also allow you to invite people to like your page. If you click on “edit page” on the top right of your page, and click on Edit Settings, you will be able manage permissions, and age restrictions so that you can determine who will be able to post on your wall, what language the page will operate in and if there is an age restriction for your users.

6. Basic information: On the left hand side of the “edit settings’ page you will also have to fill information in the provided fields. This information will give a better sense of what your organization is about. The fields include description, services, awards, mission, contact info.

After all this information is filled out, you should be set up and ready to engage. Start inviting fans, posting content and engaging with your community!