Tips to Improve Your e-Newsletter

Once you have published a few issues of your newsletter and have analysed your stats, you can take action to improve. Here are some specific things that you can do.

Entice readers to open your newsletter

  • Make From and Subject lines short, interesting and easy to read.
  • Test different subject lines by splitting your mailing list in two and comparing results.
  • Compare sending your newsletter out at different times of day and different days of the week – people are more likely to read your newsletter if it is received at a less busy time of day.

Get readers to Click-Through to full articles

  • Make content and descriptions compelling.
  • Personalise content where possible using the built-in personalisation function in newsletter services.
  • Ensure the subject line matches the email content.
  • Change your layout and design to make the newsletter more attractive and scannable. 
  • Highlight what you want readers to click on using call-out boxes or hotspots.
  • Test different headings in your content to compare click-through results.

Inspire readers to take action

  • Provide a compelling reason to act. 
  • Remove distractions and create focus on the action point. 
  • Make the action easy to perform.

Stop readers from unsubscribing

  • Provide more value – make it worth your readers’ while to open and read the newsletter. 
  • Send emails less regularly.
  • Adjust your newsletter design, layout and content based on feedback from users.

Adapted from Idealware