10 More Ways to Make your Blog more Shareable

Ensuring that your content catches people's attention and is easy to share is a great way to grow your readership. Here are some practical tips for writing a likeable blog post that brings people back for more.

Make it interesting or quotable

If you include sound-bites in your post which are easily quotable and can stand alone, people will share them on social media.

Include data in blog post

Numbers speak loudly and are easily shared. Including stats in your blog post speaks to your expertise in the field, makes your content more interesting and makes you more quotable. But remember to reference.

Write catchy headlines

Make the headline of your post meaningful so that people know what it is about, but at the same time try to make it catchy and interesting. Headlines that convey urgency, hint at controversy, use numbers (5 ways to ...), include "How to .." or "How not to .." are generally popular with readersl. 

Keep it short

Don’t overwhelm your readers. Keep blog posts to approximately 1-2 minutes of read time. If you have a more substantial topic, split it up into numerous posts and post them on different days.

Use images

Studies show that image-based content gets more shares across social media. Include photos, graphics and videos in your posts but make sure that they are appropriate and relevant. 

Share your knowledge

Be generous with what you know. Your expertise, experience and insight are why people read your blog.

Include Guest Bloggers

Invite influencers and thought leaders in your sector to write for your blog. Don't forget to let people know via your other social media channels that you have an exciting guest blogger joining you. 


Try different formats and approaches and gauge the feedback from your commentators and fellow contributors to see what works.

Check for errors (typos, spellers and formatting) before publishing

First impressions last. Use a spell-checker. Ask someone else to read your post. And if you pick up errors after it has gone live correct them (noting on the post where edits have been made if it affects content).

Be passionate

Working in the non-profit sector almost by definition means that you are passionate about what you do. Let that passion shine through in your blog!