9 Great Tips for Generating Content for your Blog

Producing a blog post two or three times a week is hard work. Not only does it take time to craft the posts, you also need to find the content! Here are some ideas to help keep your content coming consistently.

1. Use an editorial calendar

Planning your content in advance is key to ensuring that you have regular, diverse postings. This is especially useful if a number of staff members are posting to your blog. But keep it flexible - responding to current events is key to making your blog relevant.

The Lightbox Collaborative have made their editorial calendar available online as an example and template for other NGOs.

2. Tap into current events

There are always news stories relating to the issues that NGOs typically deal with. How do the latest political, social or environmental news items impact on your constituents? Do you have a unique perspective to share on events? 

3. Write a series

In keeping your blog posts short (two minutes of reading time is a good target), and limiting your posts to a single topic each, you create the opportunity to develop a series on related topics. 

4, Have regular features

Monday is Quickie day in which you link out to the work that other people are doing. Tuesday is personal reflection day. Wednesday is update on activities day. Etc. Make sure that your content covers a range of topics and angles so that you don’t bore your audience.

5. Be controversial (but not just for the sake of it)

Be willing to say the things that need to be said. Controversy certainly drives traffic to a blog. However, be careful not to be controversial just for the sake of building your readership. Let your passion shine through, but always maintain your professionalism.

6. Invite an Expert to be a Guest Blogger

Bring new readers and new perspectives to your blog by inviting an expert in the field to post an article on your blog. This could be an article already published elsewhere which you are cross-posting (in which case acknowledge that) or it could be new content written specially for your blog.

7. Create interesting multi-media content

Don't feel constrained to limit your blog to a few paragraphs of text.  Get creative. Publish links to radio interviews, videos, memes, infographics or just about anything else you can think of.

8. Turn your conference presentations or workshop materials into blog posts

NGO staff often present at conferences, or workshops. Take this content and use it in a blog post. Incorporate some of the audience responses, pose some challenging questions and you’ll get a dialogue going with your readers.

9. Market your Blog

Use the opportunities that arise during your usual work to market your blog, whether it’s including a link in your organisational newsletter, plugging your blog at a conference, or mentioning it at meetings with partner organisations. You can also approach partner organisations to post a guest post on their blog. When you publish a new post, tweet about it and put it up on Facebook. There are tools that you can (and should) setup to do this automatically.