Blogging Basics: What to know before setting up and running your blog

Setting up your blog

Once you have determined whether you actually want a blog, you can start to undertake the practical steps to set up your blog:

  1. Determine your focus and set your objectives
  2. Choose a blogging tool
  3. Appoint contributors
  4. Write posts and respond to comments
  5. Market your blog
  6. Measure your blog’s success

These practical aspects of running a blog are explored in more detail in other posts.

Running your blog

Ensuring that your blog is regularly updated is key. Blogs that consistently provide their readers with new (and relevant) content are more likely to grow than those that are sporadically updated.

While maintaining your blog you will need to:

  1. Generate new content
  2. Respond to commentators
  3. Deal with “trolls” and “haters” (people who intentionally try and derail your blog)