[FREE EBOOK] Stories for Good: A Guide for Nonprofit Storytelling

Learn how to tell your stories. 


When nonprofits talk about their work, there is a tendency to emphasise dry facts and figures, or ‘NGO-speak’ (inaccessible jargon). If you want your work to resonate with people, inspire change, win support, or even attract donors, the key communications tool you need to master is storytelling.

Stories communicate meaning and passion, something people can relate to. Stories can inspire social change or launch a movement. Stories can change hearts and change lives.

We hope this guide will help you on your storytelling journey.


The first book in this series, Mapping your online media strategy: A guide for nonprofits, helped develop a basic online media strategy for your nonprofit organisation. The second book, Finding your way with online media: An implementation guide for nonprofits addressed the next step in this journey and helped translate your strategy into your organisation’s day-to-day work. The third book in the series, Are we there yet? looked at how to measure and evaluate your online media work.