Who is standing up for human rights in South Africa?

When Americans want to fight back against Donald Trump, they turn to the ACLU. Where do South Africans turn, after events like the disastrous #SONA2017?

The weekend after Donald Trump enacted a sudden ban on travel and immigration from several countries, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) received $24,164,691 from 356,306 online donations. This is an organisation that normally operates on a $4million annual budget.

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The cost of being too frugal

In Nonprofits: We must break out of the Scrappiness Cycle, Vu Le talks about the extremely frugal nature of most nonprofits. “We are always scrimping, trying to find the best deals, trying to get stuff discounted or preferably free. …  It has become a mindset that is ingrained in all of us. It is our donors’ money! We must save! We must be responsible!”

And while this is true, there are times when frugality actually costs the organisation.

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